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Company Story

Beresfords began as a concept in the mind and in the heart of James Beresford. After starting an engineering degree, James took a new direction. He had always been good at numbers. He had often displayed his remarkable strategic thinking abilities in imaginative ways. He chose a career in the finance industry. In 1993, he commenced his Financial Planning studies. James met his future wife and business partner Trudi in 1996. The attraction was mutual but so was their professional interest. In 1998 they both graduated with a Master of Commerce in Financial Planning degree.

In the early years, James carried the total load and many invaluable lessons were learned the hard way. Trudi had been working as a financial planner for one of Australia’s leading finance houses. In 2001 Trudi joined James for a brief period between jobs that soon developed into a full-time role. James acknowledges that when Trudi joined the team it provided a powerful impetus for the growth of the organisation. There is a real strength when life partners are so both committed to a common goal.

Like all organisations – great or small – our story is essentially the story of our people. At Beresfords we believe that it is people who are important. The family metaphor is frequently applied to our staff, our vendor partners and particularly to those clients who choose to partner with us. We want to invest our energy, our knowledge, our experience and our skill to improving the lives of the people who are prepared to entrust us with their future. Where the circles of our lives intersect, we wish for it to be mutually beneficial.

Over the years many talented people have contributed to the growth and success of Beresfords. However, we came to a point in our development where a number of significant changes were needed. The Directors have made a commitment to making Beresfords great. A business coach and a non-executive director have been appointed. Our goal is for all our systems and procedures to be clearly documented and easily replicated. The Beresfords’ management team are continually looking to ensure the use of the very best of systems, procedures and business practices. Beresfords will grow in a well-organised and systematic way.

Beresfords is a fee for service firm. Coupled with our own Dealers Licence, we cherish the integrity that this provides. This enables us to seek only the best possible outcome for our client’s. We believe in the value of open disclosure. We acknowledge that our work determines the quality of your future. Your needs, your wants, your goals and your dreams are entrusted to us. When we seek to manage and grow something as hard won and as precious as your wealth, we are in awe of the responsibility. Beresfords would like to be big and considered to be the best, but above that we desire to be great because we are doing that which is good.

We wish all who come in contact with Beresfords, a pleasant and prosperous future.