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Financial Planning

Beresfords is a leading firm in taking a lifestyle-based holistic approach to financial planning Holistic lifestyle financial planning is an interactive process and involves engaging the client from day one by asking questions that address what they want their money to do and what they want out of life. This means all our clients gain a personal framework for decision making that enables them to make far better financial choices so that they have a sense of control over their financial affairs. Holistic lifestyle financial planning is just financial planning done very well!

A Beresfords Financial Plan facilitates a client’s journey through life by ascertaining the financial requirements needed to fund that journey at each stage of their life and the necessary steps to transform their dreams into reality. At Beresfords we will continually expand our range of services and products to meet the wealth creation and life span needs of our clients in a professional yet very personalised manner.

Obtaining our own Dealers Licence in 2008 has enabled us to further tailor ourselves to client individual needs. We always seek the best imaginable outcome for clients to enable them freedom through Strategic Planning.