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Why Choose Beresfords?

Consistent Personalised Service

Relationships formed with all Beresfords staff are personal and are linked with values of high trust and high respect. All ongoing communication throughout the client’s life journey is both friendly and professional. A parallel of ‘Family’ treatment is often commented by clients as service levels are carried out with consideration of doing no differently to our own family members.

 The Quality of our Advisers’ Experiences and Qualifications

It is a philosophy of Beresfords to only employ a team of Degree Qualified, experienced Financial Planners.

To ensure quality client management, each adviser only manages a limited number of clients, and engages in a variety of communication forms to ensure a speedy reply and flexibility around your busy schedule.

The Quality of the Plans Tailored to your Life Goals

Beresfords develops a strategy to manage your personal wealth. This initially involves the evaluation of a client’s current financial position in line with their goals and values that need to be considered within the strategy.

This then leads on to the identification of the action steps required to ensure that the client’s desired financial position is achieved and the implementation and monitoring of those action steps to successful fruition. Beresfords solutions trigger feelings of relief, liberation, peace of mind and new confidence through clarity of vision. Clients then feel that their finances will finally be working for them to reach a future destination of great personal value and importance.

Our Value for Money

Our Fee-for-Service philosophy guarantees that quality advice is not commission driven but determined based on the level of Service by Beresfords advisers.

Beresfords is focused on what is in YOUR best financial interests and as such will not allow any relationship to be tarnished through commissions by third parties. And as we are committed to supporting you in the long term, our fees increase ONLY if your asset base increases, thus providing an incentive to continue to grow your portfolio and maintain the flight of your financial journey. This approach is based on results as opposed to transactions of products. Beresfords does not lock any client into an ongoing contract. Every day the choice to remain with Beresfords is made by the client. Open disclosure of fees is promoted and our fees are completely transparent with the client understanding the full fee and signing off beforehand with confidence.

Strong Management Leadership

Beresfords is 100% Australian owned by the management of the company – not owned by a large institution! As such, there is a management drive to produce a dedicated company of integrity and quality that focuses only on one goal – client fulfilment. In order to deliver this consistently, a system of quality procedures and production operates to ensure reliability and consistency. Beresfords has been in continuous operation since 1994. All members of the Management Board are qualified with a tertiary Masters degree qualification. Between them, they have more than 50 years of management experience and over 35 years of financial planning experience. The Board of Directors also includes a chairman that is never allowed to be a shareholder allowing objective input into the operation of the company.

Our Clients Continually Refer their Friends and Family

This is the greatest compliment that a firm can have. Exceeding client expectations and feeling honoured to be asked to assist the friends and loved ones of our clients.

Part of the mandate of the company is our Personal Guarantees! If Beresfords does not fully present a realistic understanding of your strategic options available, we will work with you to achieve our client fulfilment guarantee.

One-Stop-Shop for your Financial Management

A solution to every financial moment in your life is managed by our advisers by a phone call or a personal email.

We are the total financial solution for you at every stage in your life, allowing the hassle to be taken out of doing it yourself. This gives you more time to spend with your loved ones and to enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve.

Use of Best Practice Systems with Appropriate Technology

We’ve developed reliable operations through proven internal processes and systems to ensure a smooth delivery of your tailored solution.

We exceed expectations by combining our systems with personalised service and a tailored adaptation toe very unique client. We meet and endeavour to exceed legislated quality and compliance expectations. Our rapid and incisive interpretation of research gives us a competitive advantage. We strive for innovation that produces better results for personalised solutions.

Our Partner Relationships

Beresfords credibility to exceed client expectations in the industry has enabled Beresfords to form a network of equally qualified and experienced businesses to facilitate our clients’ needs and the option to only deal with the best across a plethora of industries. Whether it is within the legal environment, IT, management consulting, auditing or marketing, Beresfords aims to partner with firms that will also service our clients in a way that meets their needs in non-financial areas.

Specialists in Different Areas

Beresfords maximises internal teamwork strengths to provide access to not only the financial services industry but also health and fitness, marketing and management leadership areas. This favours the best interests of the client to improve not only their financial position but also their overall lifestyle.