As a Beresford’s client we workhard to make sure you feel that you’re understood, cared for – that you’re in safe hands. We want you to feel in control – that a weight has been lifted, giving you peace of mind and feeling free to enjoy life. We want you to know that we are partners, safe in the knowlege that you always have someone to turn to.

The reason our clients do business with us is simple

Our sights are set on helping you have the best life experience.

We make our clients feel at ease when talking about their financial position.

We are privately owned and operated, so you can be assured that our service is personalised and thorough.

We explain complex matters in a simple and relevant way so our clients can understand and be involved in decisions.

We take the time to really get to know our clients because our aim is to provide bespoke services best suited to every individual.

We are fully transparent, so we follow a fee-for-service approach.

We are non-institutionally aligned, so you can trust that we have your best interests at heart with every piece of advice and recommendation we make.


Beresfords changed the trajectory of our lives for the better. It was actually shocking how much we just didn’t know ourselves, and our inexperienced choices were not helping us get what we wanted. However, the Beresfords team were thorough, took the time to listen to our goals and mapped out smart decisions to enable us to live the lifestyle we want, both today and 30 years down the track. We can’t be more thankful.

Chris & Scott

Deborah & Gary |  Client since 2003

Janine & Phil |  Client since 2008

Beresfords is small enough to allow me to know all the key people, but big enough to have well defined, robust procedures in place. I get a strong feeling of support from each and every member of the Beresfords team. Beresfords is also on a journey of continuous improvement, which is vitally important in an evolving and changing environment. The most significant part, for me, is the strategy, which is much bigger than choosing between, say, companies providing Term Deposits.


Compared to our first experience with a financial advisor years ago, we have found our time with Beresfords to be invaluable. Our only regret is that we didn’t find Beresfords sooner. From our first meeting, Beresfords has been a wealth of knowledge and information that has provided us with individually tailored financial advice, continually adapted to suit our ever-changing life situation, leaving us with the confidence in knowing we are on track to meet our future goals.

Greg & Amanda

Warwick |  Client since 2008

Sascha  |  Client since 2016

We’ve recommended Beresfords to a few people, and we haven’t had to do anything other than say that we’re really happy the service. Once they contact your office, you guys do all the work. You make them feel welcome. They feel like they are part of the team, and they’ve all said to us, “We love it!” Straight away the same feeling that we got when we came to Beresfords. So, I think that is something you guys do really well, is welcome people in and make them feel special. We feel special.

John & Gabby